Keelaperumpallam is a village panchayat situated on the south bank of the Kaveri River in Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu. The village name is a combination of three Tamil words: the first keela denote east side to MelaPerumPallam, the second part perum denotes big, and the last part pallam means pit. Another story is related to the ValamPuriNathar Shiva. The shiva have a one small V-shaped pit on his head so these two adjacent villages are called with pallam.

The Naganathar shiva temple is famous for Navagraha workship of kethu. It is located on the south bank of Cauvery River near the Bay of Bengal. The almighty shiva is called as Naganatha and goddess called Soundaryanayaki.

The above shiva temple also called as Keelaperumpallam Kethu temple. The deity Kethu is located north-east of this shiva temple. The Kethu story is related to the churning of Parkadal (milky way) for nectar. Lord Vishnu wanted to distribute the nectar only to devas but asura raghu also received the nectar and swallowed, this incident has been found by sun and moon and reported to Vishu. Vishu beheaded the rahu but he did not die because he swallowed the nectar, then his head is called as Kethu and his body is called as Rahu.

All devotees are request to see the shiva and parvathi first, then go to the kethu which is located on the north east side of the shiva temple. Here kethu is worshipping shiva as well as shiva is a supreme god in this temple, so first worship shiva then do the pooja for kethu.

Only one small motor road connected with DharmaKulam(poompuhar) and Thalachangadu. Few bus service available to this temple but many people using autorisha and car to reach this temple. But you can easily reach DharmaKulam which is located around 2 kilometer away from this temple. Dharmakulam is located near poompuhar beach to mayiladuthurai main road. There is no train service available but you can alight at sirkali or mayilaudthurai railwaystation. You can get more travel and temple information at and travel detail at